Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm surprised but I love Ke$ha. Catchy bubblegum pop. Love it. Guess I'm a sucker for slick production and poppy shit. And I'm serious!! Reminds me of old B96. And I love B96 too. Product of my environment, I guess, growing up around Chicago. Echos of 80's freestyle and electro circa 1984 after Let the Music Play by Shannon was released. Even deeper shit than that too. Anybody else feeling this?


DC said...


tj river said...

Yo, this is money. Like money with glitter.

Gabino said...

I like her freckles, but something about her voice kind of bugs me. Got a kick out of that video with the unicorns and shit.
With you on the B96 type stuff. I've never had a problem with pop/dance music like that. mostly the only time pop music bugs me is when it's fronting as something else, like metal(Nickelback) or country(all that new shit).